Nyree is a local Canberra artist who finds inspiration in the natural environment, with flowers and animals prominent in her work. She enjoys using a variety of mediums and techniques to bring her subjects to life: predominantly using acrylics, pan-pastels and textural mixed-media.

She grew up in a household filled with original works of art and craft, most of which were created by her incredibly talented family. Because of this, she has always appreciated the value of art and expressing oneself creatively. Nyree believes that “art makes a house a home”.

Nyree believes that art can play a valuable role in promoting nature conservation, and hopes that her work can contribute to this cause, which is close to her heart. To this end, she is currently working on an extensive series of Australian Wildlife Portraits, particularly focusing on endangered animals. Nyree donates 10% of any profits she makes from the sale of these works to animal and wildlife conservation charities, notably IFAW, RSPCA, Australian Conservation Foundation and Shoalhaven Bat Clinic (all sales of “Siegfried” the Grey-Headed Flying Fox).

She also enjoys the challenge of commissioned pet-portraits, working closely with people who wish to have a special artwork created to capture the unique personalities of their furry companions.

Nyree is a member of both the Artists Society of Canberra and the Queanbeyan Art Society since 2014, and frequently exhibits at the monthly QAS exhibitions, at which she has been awarded the following:

She has also sold numerous original paintings, and completed 10 commissions.


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