Still Life Workshop

I was lucky enough to attend a pastel Still Life Workshop over 3 days with Grace Paleg at the South Coast. It was a new way of working with pastels for me: using mainly soft pastel sticks and applying them lightly with fingers and the side of the fist. I've also never really done a… Continue reading Still Life Workshop

New Composite Project

Here's my second composite photography project created for a very special nephew's birthday. The brief: 3 favourite animals (lions, zebras and dinosaurs), favourite place (the zoo) and favourite colour (pink). I had most of the reference photos I needed except for the dinosaurs (really hard to come by on the wild!) and zebras. It would… Continue reading New Composite Project

Composite Art Photography

As a member of the Canberra Photographic Society, sometimes I take part in their photographic challenges. Here's the image I entered for the Composite Art Photography Challenge. The theme was "Lockdown" with an additional challenge of incorporating a person/people. Now, I generally don't include people in any of my art - I prefer animals for… Continue reading Composite Art Photography

Etching Errol: The Grassland Earless Dragon

Original Pastel Portrait.Line drawn in bitumen.After the line etched in acid.Application of aquatint and tusche, with white areas "blocked out".After a series of 4 more acid baths, each blocking out a different shade (light grey, mid grey, dark grey and black).Final Print. The Etching Process The copper etching process is a lot more involved than… Continue reading Etching Errol: The Grassland Earless Dragon

The Golden Sun Moth

STORY OF THE MOTH: Synemon plana The Golden Sun Moth is native to my home town of Canberra, and can also be found across the south-east of Australia. It is not only in danger of extinction due to loss of its native grassland habitat and pesticides, but its own biology and behaviour doesn't help either.… Continue reading The Golden Sun Moth

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Art: Acrylic Paint

This Plastic Free July I’ve been assessing my personal impact on the environment, including my art practice. We all know that there are dangers associated with oil paints, but what about acrylics? CAUTION: Poison For a start, if any art pigments are made using cadmium, cobalt, manganese, oxide or anything else poisonous, it’s best not… Continue reading Reducing the Environmental Impact of Art: Acrylic Paint

Expressive (or impatient) Realism

If I’m asked to described the artistic style of my wildlife and pet portraits, I guess they are Realist, but obviously not photo-realistic or scientific-illustration material. They’re quite loose and expressive, and I have to say that the initial reason for that was because I have the patience of a very impatient gnat! I aspired… Continue reading Expressive (or impatient) Realism

How I Became an Artist

I was a budding artist as a child and loved drawing, printmaking and anything else I learned in Art Class at school. Mr. Squiggle was my idol and I compulsively drew Garfield cartoons. I even invented my own comic character: "Regimental Reg" modeled on my long-suffering ice-skating coach. Art took a back-seat to more academic… Continue reading How I Became an Artist


I've been learning the art of digital SLR photography for the past year (thanks to the expert tutoring provided by my lovely husband) and I'm really enjoying it. Interesting textures and shapes capture my interest the most, and macro photography is particularly fascinating. I also love the creative process of enhancing the digital image in… Continue reading Photography

More Adventures in Printmaking

Being inspired by my last workshop I decided to learn about other forms of Printmaking. I’ve been binge-watching YouTube videos (I highly recommend Diode Press and Belinda Del Pesco’s video tutorials!). So I re-learned Lino Cutting and even made my own bench-hook to keep my hands safe (I remember the bloody fingers I got from of… Continue reading More Adventures in Printmaking