If you are interested in commissioning an animal portrait, please contact me directly. Please bear in mind that I will be depicting your special animal in my own style – I can only paint the way I paint, so if you wanted a horse reminiscent of Gainsborough, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Commissions are more complicated for an artist than “doing their own thing”: I need to spend a lot more time and effort planning to ensure you get the result you are after, and will regularly seek your feedback at various crucial stages of the project until it is finished. Given the amount of work involved, even before commencing the artwork, I do ask for a standard non-refundable deposit of 50%. I will not begin a commission or require payment until we reach a mutual agreement that that you will be satisfied with my proposed outcome for your artwork.

Pet and Wildlife Portraits start from around $200 (AU) for an A4 unframed work. I will require multiple good quality reference photographs and (I cannot stress this enough) your honest feedback at multiple stages of the process to ensure I capture the character of your special animal.